About Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world that is open to both men and women. It is a social order comprised of spiritual members, but it is not a religion. It is founded on the lessons of the Bible, but it is open to practitioners of all religions and beliefs except for atheism. It is not a cult, a “secret society” or a satanist group. Rather, it is an Order dedicated to charity, truth, and lovingkindness. Every Chapter of the Eastern Star around the world engages in civic and charitable purposes to help those less fortunate and to better our world, our country, and our community.

Who may join: Only men who are Masons are eligible and only women with specific Masonic affiliation may be members. Those who can join Eastern Star are:

  • Affiliated Master Masons in good standing,
  • mothers,
  • granddaughters,
  • daughters-in-law,
  • great nieces,
  • wives,
  • widows,
  • stepmothers,
  • grandmothers,
  • mothers-in-law,
  • daughters,
  • sisters,
  • stepdaughters,
  • great granddaughters,
  • sisters-in-law,
  • legally adopted daughters,
  • half sisters,
  • stepsisters,
  • nieces,

and daughters of sisters or brothers of affiliated Master Masons in good standing, or if deceased were in good standing at the time of their death; as well as members – either active for three (3) years or majority – of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls or of the International Order of Job’s daughters, each of whom having attained to at least the age of eighteen (18) years, are eligible to membership in the Order of the Eastern Star.

For more information on the Order, please visit the web page of the General Grand Chapter and click on the “Order of Eastern Star” button.

If you would like a petition to join Freedom Chapter, you can download it here: PDF Version Petition

For more information about Freedom Chapter, including how to join, email us at info@freedom87oes.com.


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